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Michael Kors
Brand Introduction
Michael Kors is the famous American fashion designer Michael Kors personal brand of the same name. Designers Michael Kors on the design of the attitude of his personal simple and casual dress style diametrically opposed to his customers to provide exquisite clothing and fashion accessories, his products simple.
Michael Kors
Brand Positioning
Michael Kors price positioning, are second-tier luxury brands, compared to those top luxury goods, Michael Kors relatively close to the people, but also in the design style and material on the people happy. Michael Kors's overall consumption level for the high-end.
Michael Kors
Brand Value
Michael Kors luxury industry into a new stage and successfully created a respect for self-expression and unique concept of life, and the brand and the past, the classic American luxury brands to distinguish Michael Kors has become an American luxury life Style of representation.
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